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Tracking and production of Vagabon’s new album: All The Women In Me


Steve Lukather, Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen, Elliot Scheiner

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September Cover of Recording Magazine
Dynaudio Core 59 Professional Reference Monitor


Dynaudio Core 59 High-End Professional Reference Monitor

An impressive 3-way monitor design with a dry, focused sound, featuring ultra-powerful, easy to use onboard DSP

The Core 59 is a new, professional reference monitor from Dynaudio.

For 42 years, Denmark’s Dynaudio has been crafting high-quality loudspeakers for recording studios and mastering suites as well as for the home hi-fi market. Stephen Marsh (interviewed on Page 50) is a big fan, and uses Dynaudio LYD 48 monitors in The Lathe Room vinyl cutting lab, and Dynaudio BM15 nearfields in his main room. Reviewer Alex Hawley took the 3-way LYD 48 system for a spin back in our March 2018 issue.  READ FULL REVIEW

IK Multimedia iLoud Monitors


Monitors and Monitoring—What’s Right For Your Studio

A hard look at the art and science of hearing your music right

In studios of all types and sizes, every decision made—levels, EQ, compression, reverb—is based on what the engineer hears in the studio monitoring system. And that’s not just the speakers, but also the physical environment—the room itself. It can be easy to forget just how critical this is, and to get lost in the fun of assembling and experimenting with the latest and greatest mics, plug-ins, and other studio toys. You can end up paying less attention than you should to the selection and setup of the monitor speakers and the arrangement… READ FULL ARTICLE

Soyuz Microphones The Launcher

Soyuz Microphones will release “a little magic box” designed to give common microphones like the SM57 and SM58 the “Soyuz sound”.

Antelope Audio 3 New Synergy Core Effects

Antelope Audio announces availability of three new Synergy Core effects for recently-released audio interface namesakes

CRAS Audio Alchemist Event

CRAS Hosts Audio Alchemist Event; Free & Open to the Public

Spitfire Audio announces collaborative calling with BBC Symphony Orchestra

Spitfire Audio announces collaborative calling with London launch of BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA at Barbican Centre keynote

Recording’s Readers’ Tracks is where respected engineer and producer Marty Peters listens to your recordings and critiques them, pointing out where and how you can make them better. Listen to the songs, read the reviews, and submit your own materials online via upload.


Artist Name: Mike Bernier Title: If I Vote For You Genre: Rock


Mike has assembled a fairly ambitious one-man band effort here, with lots of good stuff for the most part. Making smart use of dynamics, he has arranged his song such that its two main components work together pretty smoothly. Juxtaposing a stripped-down acoustic guitar and vocal foundation with larger full rhythm and vocal chorus sections, the track stays on point with no energy shifts to bog it down. Tonally, we particularly like the drums here… READ THE FULL REVIEW

REC’s six monthly Sound Advice bulletins offer great advice:

  1. On Vocals: Useful advice on recording the best vocals.
  2. On Guitars: Miked or direct, electric or acoustic, ways to capture great guitar sounds.
  3. On Drums: Great techniques for recording drums.
  4. On Mastering & Mixing: Practical mastering topics for at-home users and tips on how to mix better songs.
  5. On Acoustics: Learn how to make your room sound better.
  6. On Digital Audio: All about digital and computer audio.


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