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NAMM 2020: What’s New and What’s Cool! 

12 New Reviews On Deck:

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Recording Magazine Cover March 2020
Coleman Audio TC4 DAW Monitor Controller


Coleman Audio TC4 DAW Monitor Controller

Like to work in the box, but want to add analog processing to your master bus? This new monitor controller makes that a piece of cake.

Coleman Audio produces high quality speaker switchers, monitor controllers, old school analog VU meters, and other audio ephemera, all with the same build quality as one might expect in classic analog recording desks. As we learned in October 2017 when we reviewed the Coleman Audio CA500EQ, Glenn Coleman got his start building and servicing MCI consoles in Ft. Lauderdale in the 1970s. READ FULL REVIEW

iLoud with Mac


Monitors and Monitoring—What’s Right For Your Studio

In studios of all types and sizes, every decision made—levels, EQ, compression, reverb—is based on what the engineer hears in the studio monitoring system. And that’s not just the speakers, but also the physical environment—the room itself. It can be easy to forget just how critical this is, and to get lost in the fun of assembling and experimenting with the latest and greatest mics, plug-ins, andREAD FULL ARTICLE

Austrian Audio logo

Austrian Audio OC818 Microphones Impress On Sam Smith Tour

Audio 64 2nd us patent

64 Audio Issued Its Second U.S. Patent


TASCAM Introduces Model 12 Carrying Bag For Multimedia Content Creators

Cherry Audio Voltage Nucleus Free Offer

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus Free Offer

Recording’s Readers’ Tracks is where respected engineer and producer Marty Peters listens to your recordings and critiques them, pointing out where and how you can make them better. Listen to the songs, read the reviews, and submit your own materials online via upload.


Artist Name: No-Body Title: If Genre: Indie Rock


In his production notes, No-Body relates that the project was done entirely on a laptop, from the writing all the way through to the mastering, and that the decision was a self-imposed constraint. Well, for those of us who started out on four track reel-to-reel machines, computer-based systems, laptop or not, have plenty of firepower these days. Let’s see how things worked out this time! Starting with the composition, everything here is genre correct—driving and quirky, with a slightly disembodied quality. As for the recording itself, No-Body has done a pretty nice job here overall, with the exception of the programmed drums (more on that in a bit). The synth bass is robust and drives the track along nicely, and the other synths are well-programmed in terms of frequency, and also panned quite effectively in the stereo field. The applied delay creates a suitable ambience in a… READ THE FULL REVIEW

REC’s six monthly Sound Advice bulletins offer great advice:

  1. On Vocals: Useful advice on recording the best vocals.
  2. On Guitars: Miked or direct, electric or acoustic, ways to capture great guitar sounds.
  3. On Drums: Great techniques for recording drums.
  4. On Mastering & Mixing: Practical mastering topics for at-home users and tips on how to mix better songs.
  5. On Acoustics: Learn how to make your room sound better.
  6. On Digital Audio: All about digital and computer audio.


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