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Gitbox, axe, twang plank, gee-tar, six-string – From the time-tested tools and techniques to cutting edge technology, the July issue of RECORDING magazine focuses on the evolving world of guitar recording from microphone selection to the latest in virtual guitar setups.

Virtual Guitar Round-Up

From pedals to plugins, today’s virtual guitar amp technology is impressive. In this month’s edition of RECORDINGs popular That One Virtual Guitar Amp roundup, we ask 22 the industry’s top pedal and plugin manufacturers to weigh in with their latest and greatest amp models, IR speaker cabinets and virtual pedalboards. Find the best fit for you!

RECORDING Magazine July 2020 Cover


Guitar amps love dynamic mics and this month we look at the ECM-80 from Gauge Precision Instruments. For microphone preamps we have the Series 8p Dyna from TASCAM and the new UK Sound 1073. We have the debut of a brand new flavorful direct box, the HDI from Radial Engineering. Mackie brings us a complete recording solution with their new Producer Bundle, we look at the Soyuz Launcher, and a software-controlled Bus Compressor from Bettermaker.

Guitar focused products this month include the new Rose Pedal from Eventide and the SIDE STEP LFO pedal from TWA Effects. IK Multimedia Will Rock You with the latest Brain May collection for AmpliTube. We have the Headline guitar switcher from DACS, and we also check out the just-released EzBass virtual bass player from Toontrack, your bass player will never be late for a session again.


Our interview this month is with sisters Rebecca Lovell (vocals, guitar) and Megan Lovell (harmony vocals, lap steel) of Larkin Poe. Find out how they captured their sounds and self-produced their latest record, Self Made Man. We also chat with engineers Roger Alan Nichols and Ryan Hewitt, who tracked and mixed the album.


In this month’s edition of Inside The Studio producer Mark Hornsby shows us the mics, tools, and techniques he used to capture the guitar tones of award-winning guitarist Carl Verheyen.

In this month’s Inside The Box column, author Joe Albano focuses on getting the most out of your virtual amp plugins.

Lastly, join Associate Editor Alex Hawley as he walks us through what to consider when setting up a guitar-focused studio rig.

Engineer Marty Peters is back with Readers’ Tracks, along with more in the July issue of RECORDING Magazine.