Recording Magazine Cover March 2020

Listen…Did you hear that?

As audio engineers and musicians, the world of recorded music comes down to what we hear. More importantly, what the listener hears. Many would argue that your studio monitors may be the most crucial tool in your arsenal. It’s a good thing that this month’s issue of RECORDING is all about monitors, monitoring, and acoustics.


We have four sets of monitors on review this month. From smallest to biggest we have the Epic-5 active studio near-field from reProducer Audio Labs, the highly affordable Kali Audio LP-6 6.5″ powered studio monitor, the latest generation KRK ROKIT 8 G4 8″ powered studio monitor, and we top it off with the PSI Audio A23-M compact 3-way mid-field monitor.

To take control of the modern monitoring environment, we bring you the TC4 Digital Audio Workstation Monitor Controller from Coleman Audio.

In other reviews this month, we have an excellent cross-section of studio tools starting with the Retro Instruments 500PRE, a 500 series microphone preamp packed with tubes. From Gamechanger Audio, we have the PLASMA rack, a plasma-based distortion box. We also have the Focal Sphere S in-ear headphones, the new Stage 1 isolators from IsoAcoustics, and, last but not least, a pair of cool MIDI controllers from Novation: The Launchpad X and Launchkey Mini [MK3].


Robbie Robertson Then and Now: This month we wrap up our two-part look at the recording career of songwriter and guitarist Robbie Robertson. This month we speak with Robbie and coconspirator/engineer Martin Pradler about Robbie’s latest album Sinematic. [Get It Here]


Mark Hornsby offers his advice on monitoring  in the second installment of his new monthly Inside The Studio column. [Get It Here] Joe Albano is also back with his second installment of Inside The Box with a look at using the tools in your DAW to set up and tweak your monitoring environment. [Get It Here]

Winter NAMM Show Report

Also, in our March issue, an in-depth look at what was cool at this year’s 2020 Winter NAMM show. [Get It Here]

There’s More…

Engineer Marty Peters is back with Readers’ Tracks and more in the March 2020 issue of RECORDING!c