Recording October 2019 Cover

Instrument Miking

Music is all about the interaction between the musician and their instrument. As recording musicians and engineers, our primary goal is to capture the captivating sounds our instruments make. As such, it all starts with using the right microphone the right way, and that is the focus of our October 2019 issue of RECORDING.


We have seven microphones on review this month in all shapes and sizes. We check out the vintage flavored TM-1 from Pearlman Microphones, and we get a sneak peek at the new limited Anniversary edition of the Manley Labs Reference Cardioid microphone.

On the solid-state side, we have the updated Delphos II from Roswell Pro Audio, and a brand new mic from a brand new company, the OC18 from Austrian Audio. Rounding out our large-diaphragm mic reviews is the Edge Go, a new USB-modeling microphone from Antelope Audio.

Also onboard are two new models of pencil condenser microphones: the LCT 140 AIR from LEWITT and the RØDE TF-5.

And come along as we check out the new 500 series 1073 MPL microphone preamp from the UK Sound division of BAE, and dig into the newly updated line of Scarlett interfaces from our friends at Focusrite.

Lastly on the software side Arturia brings us 3 Delay plugins they feel, you can’t live without – literally, it’s in the name.


Our first interview this month is with Mary Mazurek, a Grammy Award-nominated classical engineer. Mary takes us inside the world of miking and mixing classical music for both broadcast and commercial releases. [Get It Here]

Then we sit down with engineer Matt Wallace who originally tracked, produced, and now remixed the controversial 1989 Replacements album “Don’t Tell A Soul.” We also chat with mastering engineer Justin Perkins on mastering Matt’s new mixes, a live concert, and assorted demos and sessions as part of the multi-disc box set titled, “Dead Man’s Pop” on Rhino Records. [Get It Here]


Coupe Studios engineer Alex Hawley shows us how to find the right sound for your session using a selection of vintage-inspired microphones from the folks at ADK Microphones. [Get It Here]

And Bill Stunts’ article “Chain of Tools” shows our readers the benefits of creating signal path templates for home recording. [Get It Here]

There’s More…

Scott Dorsey returns with his always entertaining and educational Snapshots from Recording History. Listen in as Marty Peters shares his thoughts on our latest round of Readers’ Tracks. In this month’s Studio 101 installment, Darwin Grosse wraps up his perspective on monitoring in the studio. [Get It Here]

Join us in the October 2019 issue of RECORDING!