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Drums and Drumming

Welcome to the 400th issue of RECORDING Magazine and Happy New Year!

Drums are arguably the backbone of modern music in most genres, from funk to jazz, indie rock to country and pop. RECORDING kicks off 2020 with a boom as we focus on how to get great drum tracks for your next production.


 Ribbon mics are well suited to capturing drum tones, especially overheads, and we have the BM9 Viking from Extinct Audio as well as its sister mic the Black Ops, which is tailored for kick drum and guitar cabinet. Every studio mic locker also needs an excellent solid FET condenser, and we have you covered with the Soyuz Bomblet

From T.H.E., we have the 500 series Hilbe mo67 microphone preamp, as its name implies it is solid-state 1967 in a box. For hardware, compression look no further than the new stereo Successor from Spain’s Heritage Audio. Last on the hardware side, we look at the new FX80 2-Way Coaxial, 8″ Powered Reference Monitors from Fluid Audio.

For software, this month, we have a quartet of percussively focused products: Decades SDX from Toontrack, MODO DRUM from IK Multimedia, the new Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate, and the I Heart NY – Parallel Compressor from Baby Audio. We also take a look at the Pro-Q 3 EQ and Filter Plug-in from FabFilter.

Finally, our resident mastering engineer Justin Perkins gives us a detailed look at the Ozone 9 Advanced Mastering Suite from iZotope.


Our first interview this month features session drummer Dave Schoepke, who sits down with us to talk about his latest album Drums On Low – a drums only affair which was recorded in his Wisconsin based home studio. [Get It Here]

Interview number two is with famed film composer Tyler Bates (former lead guitarist of Marilyn Manson). Tyler talks to us about his guitar-based and kinetically percussive action scores for movies, including John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and Hobbs & Shaw. [Get It Here]


To capture great sounding drums, you need to start with great sounding drums, and engineer Seth Luloff shows off his tips and tricks for tuning your drums in the studio. [Get It Here]

Find out what’s new, exciting, and cutting edge from our in-depth coverage of the Fall New York AES show!

Are you tired of making music alone? Learn about the various types of Remote Collaboration from Aaron Trumm, who shows us that thanks to the internet, It is a Small World After All. [Get It Here]

And There’s More…

Engineer Marty Peters is back with Readers’ Tracks, AKG celebrates 70 years at Capitol Studios [Get It Here], and in Scott Dorsey’s Snapshots from Recording History, we learn that in the not too distant past, great drum recordings were made with no dedicated drum mic at all.

Hit the New Year right with the January 2020 issue of RECORDING!