Recording the Band! 


This month RECORDING invites you to join us on a sonic safari as we stalk and capture the elusive tone of the ubiquitous 6-string in both its natural and amplified state. To successfully track great guitar tone requires the proper tools and the knowledge to put them to good use. It also comes down to the artistry, nuance and literally the hands of a skilled player. Such is the focus of the July issue of RECORDING.


We kick off our July reviews with The Hornet, a portable preamp and DI from Useful Arts. We have a trio of brand new stompboxes (Golden Reverberator, Starlight Echo Station, Astra Modulation Machine) from Universal Audio. We dive into the full line of virtual amps, stompboxes, synths, samplers, and studio effects from IK Multimedia, now collected in the Total Studio 3 MAX bundle. We also look at the new RO-140 Vintage Plate Reverb plugin from Blackrooster.

For your mid-field studio monitor needs we have the Epic 55 from ReProducer Audio Labs. To take command of your outboard gear routing, we bring you the Patch System – a 64-point digitally controlled analog patchbay from Flock Audio.

That One Guitar Amp!

Are you an audio engineer who loves to record electric guitar but is not a guitar player yourself? Ever wonder what amps your studio should consider having on hand for the task?

Our popular “That One…” product round-up returns this month, asking 19 electric guitar amp manufacturers that very question. We can’t wait for you to read their answers.

RECORDING July Cover 2021


Who better to discuss capturing great guitar tone than not one but two of the most iconic guitarist of all time. Peter Frampton, along with engineer Chuck Ainlay sit down with us to talk about Peter’s latest instrumental album Frampton Forgets The Words. [GET IT HERE]

We also head to the Harmony Hut, the personal studio of Steve Vai, who generously gives readers a master class in the miking and mixing of guitars. [GET IT HERE]


Producer Mark Hornsby brings us our third interview this month in his column as he goes Inside The Studio with singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Vince Gill. [GET IT HERE]

We drop even more guitar knowledge in part seven of Marc Urselli’s Session Log: The making of AngelHeaded Hipster, a T.REX tribute album, [GET IT HERE] and Joe Albano considers the world of virtual stompboxes in his Inside the Box column. [GET IT HERE] Engineer Marty Peters has a new section of Readers’ Tracks. Finally, Aaron J. Trumm weighs the benefits and pitfalls of “following the competition.” [GET IT HERE]

Plug in, pick, pluck and strum your way to great guitar tracks in the July RECORDING Magazine!