Welcome to the September issue of RECORDING Magazine. As Summer turns to Fall, it’s a perfect time to settle into the studio and make mixing magic happen. In this issue, we have a wonderfully curated collection of articles, interviews and reviews to help you in your quest for a well-crafted mix.


Our September reviews include many great tools to help your mixes shine. We have the new Alpha 65 Evo monitors from FOCAL, the Frontier studio monitors from Output, the Classic 7 from KRK, and the BaseTwo25 from Amphion. For further aural excitement, we listen to the new Hi-X65 Headphones from Austrian Audio.

To take control of your mix, we get our fingers on the new UF8 8-channel advanced DAW controller from SSL, and we see what’s new with the Ableton Push 2 and how it pairs with Live 11.

Avid just brought ProTools 2021.6 online, and our ProTools certified Associate Editor Alex Hawley takes it for a spin. From there, we have a cornucopia of plugins this month, including Timeless 3 from FabFilter, Gem Voice from Overloud, the BIG FrEQ from Empirical Labs, The Massenburg DesignWorks EQ, and last but not least, Smooth Operator from Baby Audio.

RECORDING Magazine Cover September 2021


Our interview this month is with producer, composer, synthesist and audio engineer Charlie Clouser. Known for his work with Nine Inch Nails, Helmet, Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, Rammstein and Meat Beat Manifesto, for the past two decades, he has also scored all of the music for the SAW franchise, and now the new generation of Spiral films. Charlie gets candid with Editor Paul Vnuk Jr on his concepts, workflow, gear choice and more. [GET IT HERE]


In Inside-The-Box, Joe Albano looks at all things EQ, from vintage emulation to the latest in AI-guided equalization. [GET IT HERE] In part nine of Marc Urselli’s Session Log: The making of AngelHeaded Hipster, a T.REX tribute album, Marc talks mixing! [GET IT HERE]

Producer Mark Hornsby is back with his Inside The Studio column with his thoughts on mastering engineers, [GET IT HERE] and engineer Marty Peters has a new crop of Readers’ Tracks. Find out what was new in Nashville in our Summer NAMM show report. Finally, noted engineer Ronan Chris Murphy joins us in our Fade Out this month with his thoughts on the latest spatial audio rollout from Apple Music.

Mix it like you mean it in the September issue of RECORDING Magazine!