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The January issue of RECORDING strikes up the band for the New Year—and we do mean ‘strike’, as this issue deals with all things drums! From mics to machines, from placement to plug-ins, our January issue looks at many of the ways you can create great rhythms for your songs.



Central to the January issue is a wide survey of dozens of mic manufacturers’ offerings in the world of drum miking. We posed a simple question to dozens of makers: “If you could recommend a single mic for drum applications, what would it be?” Their answers are fascinating, ranging from tracking rhythm basics with do-it-all workhorses to capturing truly unique sounds nobody else can match, and we bring them all to you in this issue. [ READ HERE ]

Also in this issue, we return to two ongoing article series with great tips for studios—Bruce Kaphan returns with the next installment of his discussion on the value of truly critical listening  [ READ HERE ], and Bruce Black takes us into the practicalities of sound diffusion in Part 2 of “Four Tools Of Acoustical Design.” [ READ HERE ]


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This issue’s slate of reviews covers many aspects of drum tracking; in discussing this wide variety of products, you’ll get insight not only into their performance but also into the strategies behind putting them to use.

We bring you overviews of prepackaged drum mic kits from Audio-Technica, LEWITT, and beyerdynamic, which take different approaches to the question of what should go into such a kit. Drum machines are well represented with the newest offerings from Arturia and Moog. On the software side, we review the latest drum creation software from Toontrack and Steinberg.

Beyond the world of drums, there are lots of other cool products on review: Universal Audio’s powerful OX guitar recording solution, the first headphones from ADAM Audio, and Bill Stunt’s in-depth look at new features in PreSonus Studio One 4.1.

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All this plus Studio 101 with Darwin Grosse [ READ HERE ], Readers’ Tracks with Marty Peters, our regular monthly features and more. It’s time to bang the drum all day, and your drums will sound their best with a little help from the January RECORDING!

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