The recording singer-songwriter


In the April issue of RECORDING Magazine, we focus on the recording singer-songwriter. While the singer-songwriter moniker evokes images of singers spinning tales with their acoustic guitar or tickling the ivories, in 2021, the modern singer-songwriter is a much more diverse individual with a myriad of modern tools at their disposal. This month from electronic drum groove creation to orchestral sample libraries, cutting edge controllers and DAW tools, we look at them all. Of course, every songsmith needs a reliable microphone or two, and we have those as well.



This month we have new microphones from AudixMXLEarthworks, and Sennheiser. Moving inside the computer, we have the latest EZX expansion pack for the Toontrack EZMix line, a new orchestral offering from Spitfire Audio, a software plugin strip from PSP Audioware and a new spacey plugin from Baby Audio. We round out our reviews with a hardware controller from PreSonus, a media-class harddrive solution from OWC, and we introduce you to the just-released Clear MG Professional Headphones from Focal.

RECORDING Magazine Cover April 2021


Our interview this month is with the very definition of the 21st Century singer-songwriter, Steven Wilson. Steven and co-producer David Kosten sat down with editor Paul Vnuk to discuss Steven’s latest solo effort,THE FUTURE BITES.[GET IT HERE]


Our April features kick off with our latest entry in our Family of Microphones Compared series with a look at the Mojave MA series of large-diaphragm condenser mics. [GET IT HERE]

In part four of Marc Urselli’s popular series, Session Log: The making of AngelHeaded Hipster, a T.REX tribute album featuring U2, Elton John, Nick Cave, Joan Jett and many many others, Marc focuses on the role of the producer, Hal Willner who sadly passed away one year ago. [GET IT HERE]

Producer and songwriter Beto Hale returns to the pages of RECORDING to look at the artist and producer relationship. [GET IT HERE]

Joe Albano is back with his Inside the Box column looking at using loops, virtual instruments, and intelligent groove creation to aid the modern songwriter in their craft. [GET IT HERE] In his Inside the Studio column, producer Mark Hornsby has advice for capturing your ideas whenever and wherever creativity strikes. [GET IT HERE] Engineer Marty Peters has a new section of Readers’ Tracks. Finally, Aaron J. Trumm finishes out the issue with his tips for finishing more music.

Songwriters rejoice! Join us in the April 2021 issue of RECORDING!