Mixing Music!


Welcome to the September issue of RECORDING, dedicated to the sacred, revered art of mixing. This issue is jam-packed with the tools (hardware and software) and expert advice you need to dial in a masterful mix.



Our ten product reviews start with a selection of fantastic outboard processors, including the API Select T25 tube-compressor and the Bettermaker Stereo Passive EQ. To zero in on the details, we listen to the new second-generation A17M monitors from PSI Audio and the LCD-5 planar magnetic headphones from Audeze. For our final hardware piece, three of our reviewers take the new AKAI MPC Keys 61 for a deep test drive.

Moving into the box, we check out all the new plugin processors in the Arturia FX Collection 3. We clean up our sibilance with the just-released FG-DS 902 from Slate Digital, and to get a new perspective on your mixes, we check out MixChecker Pro from Audified. Finally, we tickle the virtual ivories of the LivingRoom Upright Piano from KeyPleezer, and get our groove on with Handy Drums from Goran Grooves.

RECORDING September issue cover 2022


Our first interview this month is with composer Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Westworld, Iron Man, Uncharted), who walks us through his composition and recording process that often begins on his iPhone through to Apple Logic Pro. As a bonus, we also hear from Apple on the continued evolution of Logic Pro X in collaboration with artists like Ramin. [GET IT HERE]

In our second interview, we discuss setting up a new Dolby Atmos system from start to finish with Jonathan Morrison. [GET IT HERE]


This month we conclude a pair of two-part articles that last month began with tracking, and this month ends with the mix. Producer Marc Urselli continues his walk on the wild side with the legendary Lou Reed [GET IT HERE], and Associate editor Alex Hawley shares the details of mixing his band Üfer and the album, Two More Skip the Last [GET IT HERE].

In Inside The Studio, Mark Hornsby digs into a project he recorded and mixed, DealinIt by the Tom Hemby Band [GET IT HERE]. In Inside-The-Box, Joe Albano looks at the current crop of analog tape simulations [GET IT HERE], and we wrap up the issue with mixing advice from the engineering team of Will Kennedy and Matt Wallace (B-52s, U2, Faith No More, O.A.R., The Replacements).

Mix it up with us in the September issue of RECORDING!