The November Issue of RECORDING is all about studio upgrades! For some of us, that could be a shiny new microphone, preamp or converter, ready to take your tracks to the next level, or maybe new monitors or effective room treatments. Other upgrades take the form of new software or hardware that both inspires and enhances your workflow. Then you have the behind the scenes upgrades of cables, hard drives, and more. This month RECORDING looks at them all!


We have twenty-two reviews this month packed with much of the above. For microphones, we turn to Microphone Parts and build our own. In the interface/converter category, we have the new upgraded RME ADI-2 Pro fs and the new AudioFuse Studio from Arturia. For your listening upgrades, we have new speakers from ADAM Audio and Dynaudio, a new power amp from Amphion, and headphones and monitoring software from Audeze. Further, in the listening category, we have the latest version of ARC from IK Multimedia and a Bluetooth controller from Kali Audio.
To get your mix on, we look at the new TASCAM Model 12 mixing desk.

On the software side, we dig into what’s new in the latest version of Spectral Layers Pro 7 from Steinberg and the latest V5 upgrade of PreSonus Studio One Professional.

Rounding out our reviews, we address your hard drive needs with models from Glyph and OWC and the latest OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock. We also have some spiffy new USB-C cables from Hosa.

RECORDING Cover November 2020


Last year Universal Music rolled out the first Ultimate Mixes of the John Lennon catalog with the Imagine Box Set. Now the series continues with a 36-track compilation GIMME SOME TRUTH: THE ULTIMATE MIXES. We speak with Paul Hicks, Simon Hilton and Sam Gannon, who worked hand in hand with Yoko Ono and Sean Ono Lennon crafting new mixes from fresh new transfers of the original multi-track tapes. [GET IT HERE]


This month in his Inside The Studio column Mark Hornsby talks us through crafting a guitar amp impulse library for Kemper modeling amps. [GET IT HERE] Joe Albano is back with Inside The Box focusing on the whens, whats and whys of upgrading your DAW [GET IT HERE], and author Bill Stunt talks all about custom microphone modding. [GET IT HERE] Still unsure what upgrades are beneficial for your studio, we reached out to the RECORDING editorial staff for their answers; from new toys and tools to room treatments and more, we offer their experienced advice. [GET IT HERE] Engineer Marty Peters is back with Readers’ Tracks and more in the November 2020 issue of RECORDING!