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Happy New Year, and welcome to the January issue of RECORDING Magazine. We are excited to enter our 36th year in print with killer interviews, articles, and monthly series focused on the tools, techniques and philosophies to help our readers make their best recordings. Of course, this includes our informative gear reviews.



We launch into 2023 with twelve products under review. Keeping with this issue’s percussive theme, we bring you a look at the new Beat Kit Pro drum mic package from LEWITT, the latest Hitmaker SDX from Toontrack, the new SPD-SX Pro drum pad from Roland and a pair of high-tech electronic drum kits––the Efnote 3X and Efnote 7. Also, from Spitfire Audio, we have a great new percussion library.

Beyond the percussive, we put the latest refresh of the sE Electronics T2 large diaphragm condenser to the test. For our guitar and bass friends, we plug into the Future Impact v3 Bass/Guitar Synth from pandaMidi Solutions. We look at the new 2-channel 3122V microphone preamp from API, the new SSL Connex USB microphone, the just-released BigSky reverb plugin from Strymon, and we round out the lot with a look at the latest update of PreSonus Studio One.

RECORDING Magazine January 2023 Issue Cover


Our interview this month is with GRAMMY Award-winning audio engineer and producer Hugh Padgham. Hugh’s sonic stamp has graced the albums of Sting, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, XTC, Paul McCartney, Public Image Ltd, The Police, Binker & Moses and the list goes on. Best known for classic 80s and 90s drum production, Hugh recently lent his talents and tones to the Hitmaker SDX from Toontrack. Editor Paul Vnuk Jr. talks one-on-one with Hugh about the above and more. [GET IT HERE]


Mark Hornsby is back for year three of Inside The Studio. Mark brings us our second interview this month as he sits down with legendary drummer Steve Gadd. [GET IT HERE]

After a great two-year run, we will take a break this year from our DAW/Computer-focused Inside-The-Box as Joe Albano instead kicks off a new round of entry-level Studio 101 articles. This month––Drum Recording 101. [GET IT HERE]

Session Log also returns for the third year. In this installment, Producer-engineer Marc Urselli shares about his recent recording jaunt to Japan, recording Tako drums and other traditional Japanese instruments. [GET IT HERE] Aaron Trumm returns for this month’s Fade Out with some thoughts on the New Year, and Marty Peters is back for another round of Readers’ Tracks.

Join us in the New Year and kick-off 2023 with RECORDING Magazine.