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For over 20 years, this longest running of Recording Magazine’s columns has brought you critiques of recording technique for audio submissions from our readers all over the world. Recording’s Readers’ Tracks is where respected engineer and producer Marty Peters listens to your recordings and critiques them, pointing out where and how you can make them better. Listen to the songs, read the reviews, and submit your own materials online via upload. Here’s to making the best recordings possible!

SPOTLIGHT 127: World Class Basement - "Soldiers"

SPOTLIGHT 127: World Class Basement – “Soldiers”

Jerico Niezen - Sea Walker

Jerico Niezen – “Sea Walker”

Thomas Lenihan - "Empress Of The Corn"

Thomas Lenihan – “Empress Of The Corn”

Phillip Broussard - Just Wanna Believe

Phillip Broussard – “Just Wanna Believe”

Izotope RX 7 Advanced

Past Readers’ Tracks



SPOTLIGHT 122 Pieces Second Hand Man

SPOTLIGHT 122: Pieces – “Second Hand Man”

David Howe The MAD Project Hurry Up And Wait

David Howe / The MAD Project – “Hurry Up And Wait”

John Bowen Twilight Side Of Morning

John Bowen – “Twilight Side Of Morning”


Frederick Crounse Tsadzu Loup Garou

Frederick Crounse / Tsadzu – “Loup Garou”

Patrick Palmer Innocent Mind This Life

Patrick Palmer / Innocent Mind – “This Life”

SPOTLIGHT 121 Nick Smith Wes Montgomery

SPOTLIGHT 121: Nick Smith – “Wes Montgomery”


SPOTLIGHT 120 Peter Hanmer Jenine Around Town

SPOTLIGHT 120: Peter Hanmer / Jenine – “Around Town”

Jerico Niezen Sea Blue

Jerico Niezen – “Sea Blue”

Kevin Hanna The John Toms Dilemma When The Going Gets Tough

Kevin Hanna / The John Toms Dilemma – “When The Going Gets Tough”


SPOTLIGHT 119 Clint Morrison Bow Chicka Wow Wow

SPOTLIGHT 119: Clint Morrison – “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”

Mark Bolton Big News Today

Mark Bolton – “Big News Today”

Joe Livengood Good Thing (Nod To Mott)

Joe Livengood – “Good Thing (Nod To Mott)”


SPOTLIGHT 118 Daniel Goldstein and Sara Umansky In Cobwebs

SPOTLIGHT 118: Daniel Goldstein and Sara Umansky – “In Cobwebs”

John Lewitt - The Reason Why

John Lewitt – “The Reason Why”

Readers' Tracks February 2018

Brian Roach – “Out of the Ether”


Readers' Tracks January 2018

Randy Prentice – “Sun Goes Down”

Alan and Alison Bews - A Dark Red Sky

Alan and Alison Bews – “A Dark Red Sky”

SPOTLIGHT 117 Larry Benigno Epiphone

SPOTLIGHT 117: Larry Benigno – “Epiphone”



SPOTLIGHT 116 Nate Morton Kenwood Anderson Rhinoceros Foxtrot

SPOTLIGHT 116: Nate Morton and Kenwood Anderson – “Rhinoceros Foxtrot”

Dave Simerick Different Kinda Perfect

Dave Simerick – “Different Kinda Perfect”


SPOTLIGHT 115 Ian Soelins So Far

SPOTLIGHT 115: Ian Soelins – “So Far”

Dan Depolito Make Your Own Kinda Music

Dan Depolito – “Make Your Own Kinda Music”

Robert Spencer When Im Bad Im Better

Robert Spencer – “When I’m Bad I’m Better”


SPOTLIGHT 114 Tim Franklin The Howdy Pilgrims Russian Gun

SPOTLIGHT 114: Tim Franklin / The Howdy Pilgrims – “Russian Gun”

Jamie Robinson Lucky 13

Jamie Robinson – “Lucky 13”


Readers' Tracks

Dan Crawford – “Great Shape For The Shape I’m In”

Jeremiah Brewer The Lights Of Love

Jeremiah Brewer – “The Lights Of Love”

Readers' Tracks

SPOTLIGHT 113: Stephen Henriques – “On My Way”


Sebastien Tardif and Mathieu LaBerge Big Western Ashville

Sébastien Tardif and Mathieu LaBerge / Big Western – “Ashville”

SPOTLIGHT 112 Tony Richards Hairy Johnny

SPOTLIGHT 112: Tony Richards – “Hairy Johnny”

Carlos Gomez SpeedyGeez Shes Gonna Miss You

Carlos Gomez / SpeedyGeez – “She’s Gonna Miss You”


SPOTLIGHT 111 Bobby Roberts Travis Smith If I Were You

SPOTLIGHT 111: Bobby Roberts / Travis Smith – “If I Were You”

Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas All Alone

Jeffrey Glenn Tveraas – “All Alone”

Darow Han Scorpion

Darow Han – “Scorpion”


SPOTLIGHT 110 Steven James King The Sun

SPOTLIGHT 110: Steven James King – “The Sun”

Roland Nipp Angels

Roland Nipp – “Angels”


Kevin Richard Touched

Kevin Richard – ” Touched”

SPOTLIGHT 109 Rant and Sly The Vehicle Butterflies

SPOTLIGHT 109: Rant and Sly / The Vehicle – “Butterflies”

Readers' Tracks

Ringo – “Burrito Time”


SPOTLIGHT 108 Todd Fifield Make it Like The First Time

SPOTLIGHT 108: Todd Fifield – “Make it Like The First Time”

Dan Davis Remembrance

Dan Davis – “Remembrance”

Mike Ringler Come Walk With Me

Mike Ringler – “Come Walk With Me”


Kevin Selph Suitcase Of Love

Kevin Selph – “Suitcase Of Love”

Alex Vann A Better Me

Alex Vann – “A Better Me”

SPOTLIGHT 107 Scott Owens String It Down

SPOTLIGHT 107: Scott Owens – “String It Down”


Rick Harper

Rick Harper – “Pretty Fool”

SPOTLIGHT 106 Peter Hanmer Distant Horizon

SPOTLIGHT 106: Peter Hanmer – “Distant Horizon”

Sjur Zeiner Gundersen Country State Of Mind

Sjur Zeiner-Gundersen – “Country State Of Mind”


Rick Grande Lost And Alone Again

Rick Grande – “Lost And Alone (Again)”

SPOTLIGHT 105 Andrew Zimmerman Zach Short Oceanic

SPOTLIGHT 105: Andrew Zimmerman / Zach Short – “Oceanic”

Mike Bender Mercedes in Hades

Mike Bender – “Mercedes in Hades”

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