The Beatles – Diggin’ Into Get Back

+ Recording Instruments!


Welcome to the latest issue of RECORDING Magazine. The focus of our May issue is recording instruments, and what’s better than a look at recording the instruments of the Fab Four?

This month we have a special feature from producer and author Mark Hornsby: The BeatlesDiggin’ Into Get Back [Get the article here]. Mark’s popular Inside The Studio column expands to nine pages as Mark digs into the gear, recording techniques, and instruments featured in the recent Get Back mini-series on Disney+, book and the classic, Let It Be album recently released in a deep, expanded box set. We even have exclusive content from the Apple Corps Ltd. archives.


With this issue’s focus on microphones and preamps, we kick things off with three microphone reviews. The Mojave Audio MA-37 is David Royer’s take on a flavorful, vintage Sony design. On the ultra-clean side, we look at the A-127 omnidirectional metal film pencil condenser from Audix. Our final mic review is an updated model from JZ Microphones, as we check out the New Vintage 12.

On the preamp front, we plug our mics into the new Mic Pre 4T from Daking Audio and the Auteur MK2 from Black Lion Audio. We also take the new Universal Audio Volt 2 interface for a spin.

To shape our sound in hardware, we cover the 500-Series EQ52 from Ingram Engineering, and in the plugin realm, we bring you the Claro EQ from Sonnox.

We run through the latest update of the popular Dorico 4 notation software from Steinberg to help you know ‘the score.’ We have the exotic Andea sample library from Orchestral Tools, and we round things out with a look at smart:limit from Sonible.


For our interview this month, we go into Nashville’s classic RCA Studio A with one of editor Paul Vnuk Jr’s favorite bands, Lucius. Paul sits down with lead vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig and the band’s resident producer, sound designer and drummer Dan Molad to learn how they crafted their latest release, Second Nature. [Get It Here]


This month in Inside-The-Box, Joe Albano offers a beginner’s look at the ins and outs of audio interfaces. [Get It Here] In Session Log, producer-engineer Marc Urselli heads to Bogot√°, Colombia, to record some of the most unique instruments of his career. [Get It Here] Marty Peters is back with Readers Tracks, and Aaron J Trumm looks at getting the most out of a single condenser mic.

“I’ve Got a Feeling” you will dig the May issue of RECORDING Magazine!