All About Mics (The More the Merrier)

RECORDING’s 35th Anniversary Issue!

The October issue of RECORDING Magazine is all about one of our favorite topics, microphones! It is also our 35th Anniversary Issue! So how do we celebrate both? With an over-the-top, out-of-this-world interview, a look at one of the most enduring American microphone families of all time, timeless wisdom from RECORDING issues past and more.


Our October reviews start with a trio of microphones. We kick it off with the KickTone Drum Mic from Morton Microphone systems. Next is the PPC-125 transformer-less electret condenser microphone from Teegarden Audio, and we fly into creative skies with the Cortado MkII balanced buffered contact mic from Zeppelin Design Labs.

New from Tech 21, we stomp on the Bass Fly Rig v2 pedalboard, and for our six-string friends, we profile some amps with the Kemper PROFILER.

In software this month straight from Abbey Road and your favorite Beatles records, we tickle the Jangle Box Piano from Spitfire Audio. We do some immersive audio mixing with L-ISA Studio from L-acoustics. We get a first look at the new Custom Opto compressor plugin and its classic inspired sibling, the FG-2A, both from Slate Digital, and we round things out with RipX from Hit’n’Mix.

RECORDING Magazine Cover October 2021


Find out how the heavy sounds go down with Blöthar the Berserker and Pustulus Maximus from the iconic otherworldly heavy metal masters Gwar and their producer and engineer Ronan Chris Murphy. [GET IT HERE]


Shure is one of the most iconic American microphone brands in the history of microphones. In this edition of RECORDING’s A Family of…Compared, we look at ten dynamic mics all centered around the classic ubiquitous SM57. [GET IT HERE]

Producer Mark Hornsby continues our microphone theme in his Inside The Studio column as he records an entire song with only a DPA 4011 pencil condenser microphone and a Universal Audio Apollo interface. [GET IT HERE]

In Inside-The-Box, Joe Albano walks through all manner of compression plugins, from vintage emulation to the latest in modern compression. [GET IT HERE] In part ten of Marc Urselli’s Session Log: The making of AngelHeaded Hipster, a T.REX tribute album, Marc records bass and percussion! [GET IT HERE]

For our anniversary, we round up a list of notable quotes from the fantastic artists and engineers who have blessed us with their wisdom and advice throughout the decades. [GET IT HERE]

And Aaron J. Trumm returns to discuss the right mic for YOU!

Help us party like it’s 1986 in the 35th Anniversary issue of RECORDING Magazine!