Recording Magazine Cover - April 2019


Recording songwriters, rejoice! The April issue of RECORDING offers cool tools and easy-to-use tips to help you turn your ideas into fully realized tracks and songs. Welcome the Spring with a whole slate of brand-new capabilities—we show you how!



Mike Robinson is an up-and-coming recording artist, songwriter, and producer living and working in the fast-paced and demanding music community of New York City. In a place where even the tiniest apartment can cost a fortune to rent, he found himself with the difficult task of turning a relatively small living/working space into a musically inspiring home studio. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, and in this issue he’ll walk you through how he did it… and how he leveraged his studio’s features to record his latest record. [READ HERE]

Alfredo Pasquel, mixing engineer for luminaries like Hans Zimmer, returns to our pages with another of the magic tricks that turned him from a home-recording hound into an A-List creator. This time around, Alfredo explains how to take a string soloist or two and turn them into a full orchestra for your tracks. Content creators and soundtrack composers will see in a flash how this technique can make their songs stand out, all on a budget. [READ HERE]

We also have an interview with Grammy winner Barry DeVorzon, helping songwriters achieve excellence in their craft.


As always, our Songwriter Special features a huge grab-bag of reviews… because let’s face it, what doesn’t a recording songwriter need? We’ll let you check under the hood of songwriter-friendly recording gear and software like the CEntrance R4 portable interface, the RØDEcaster Pro system from RØDE, JoeCo’s Cello high-definition recording interface, and a variety of software from Arturia, Spitfire Audio, Toontrack, Tone2, and Overloud, as well as iOS apps and hardware from AirTurn, Future Moments, IK Multimedia, and Korg.

Beyond the songwriting rig, we have in-depth reviews of Universal Audio’s powerful new Apollo X interfaces, new mic models for the Townsend Labs Sphere, and hot new gear from Line 6.


All this plus Studio 101 with Darwin Grosse [READ HERE], Readers’ Tracks with Marty Peters, our regular monthly features, and more. Don’t miss out on this great issue and all it has to offer!