Recording Magazine Cover May 2020

Miking Instruments

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When not tracking vocals, you’re likely miking up an instrument. Maybe it’s a violin, flute, or trumpet, or more likely an acoustic guitar, drum kit or the grille of an amplifier – whatever your flavor, the May issue of RECORDING Magazine has you covered with purposefully curated articles on instrument miking and the tools to get the job done right.


It all starts with the microphone. This month we look at the compact AL95 Ribbon mic from Samar Audio. Pencil condenser mics are a staple of instrument recording, and we take a look at the P-28 Tube Pencil Mic from Peluso, and lastly, we have the H47 Large Diaphragm Tube Mic from Heiserman.

In other hardware reviews, we listen to the new Hi-X55 Professional Headphones from Austrian Audio.

Next up are a trio of software reviews, including the new Comet Reverb from Polyverse, The Trident 80b, and CB9066 EQ plugins from Silo Soundlabs and the just-released Chandler Limited Germanium compressor plugin from Softube.


With a six-piece lineup including more than a few multi-instrumentalists, String Cheese Incident is a band that knows all about instrument miking. We go inside their personal studio with keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth and long time engineer Andrew “Dros” Liposcak.


With so many instrument microphones in today’s marketplace, how do you know which to choose for your studio? We go straight to the source and ask the manufacturers for their recommendations in the return of RECORDING’s popular “That One Instrument Mic” roundup.

Have you ever recorded an album using only a single brand of microphones? Producer Mark Hornsby did just that on the forthcoming album Invisible by drummer and multi-instrumentalist Nick D’Virgilio. Find out in this month’s edition of Inside The Studio how Mark tracked the album using only DPA microphones from drums to guitars, and vocals to a full-scale orchestral session at Abbey Road.

We continue our look at instrument techniques from a trio of recording musicians who share their tips and tricks for capturing flute, snare drum, and alternative methods for piano miking.
Lastly, in this month’s Inside The Box column, author Joe Albano considers virtual modeling microphones and preamps.

And There’s More

Engineer Marty Peters is back with Readers’ Tracks, and more in our jam-packed May 2020 issue of RECORDING Magazine.