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Whether your studio is in a bedroom, basement, office space or a commercial multi-room facility, it needs to be functional, creative, and as sonically accurate as possible. Acoustics and ergonomics are the focus of the November issue of RECORDING Magazine.



We have fourteen new product reviews covering acoustic treatment, monitoring, plugins and more. From GIK Acoustics, we look at the new interlocking, stackable Sound Blocks. In the speaker department, we listen to the YSM5-2 Series II monitors from Yorkville. We bring you the full line of the just released iLoud Precision Series from IK Multimedia, including the iLoud Precision 5, iLoud Precision 6 and the iLoud Precision MTM.

We shake our foundations with the Sub One, Sub6 and Sub12 subwoofers from Focal and the S10.4 from KRK. For our ears, we check out the new open-back NDH-30 headphones from Neumann.

We run some mixes through the 12-channel tube-based Fat Bustard II summing mixer from Thermionic Culture, and we play some beats on the ddrum NIO Percussion Pad.

Finally, in software, we have the BlackBird Mo-Q equalizer from KIT Plugins and the IHNY-2 from Baby Audio.

RECORDING Magazine November issue cover 2022


This month’s interview is all about studio ergonomics and workflow as we sit down with three-time GRAMMY Award-nominated CCM singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (David) Crowder. He walks us through his basement-based home studio, sharing his gear choices and design and workflow considerations. [GET IT HERE]


We look at even more gear this month and take a fresh, side-by-side look at the full Amphion lineup of studio monitors, power amps and bass extension cabinets in A Family of Amphion Speakers Compared. [GET IT HERE]

In Inside The Studio, Mark Hornsby explores the setup and layout of a Russ Berger-designed, home-based Dolby ATMOS room [GET IT HERE]. In Inside-The-Box, Joe Albano digs into virtual studio spaces and gear from IK Multimedia, Universal Audio, Eventide and Waves [GET IT HERE]. And in Session Log, producer-engineer Marc Urselli takes us on a tour of EastSide Sound in New York [GET IT HERE]. Aaron Trumm talks about The State of Acoustics in 2022 [GET IT HERE]. Finally, producer and studio designer Allen Sides shares his ergonomic studio thoughts.

Check out all this and more in the November 2022 issue of RECORDING Magazine.