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“I really like the way you can create variations and modulations over the spectrum.”
– Tom Hades, techno artist and producer, 2019

SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA: Plugin Alliance, supporting all major plugin formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof, is proud to announce availability of TRIAD — the latest creation from fellow Californian company and plugin-creating partner Unfiltered Audio, advancing the successful outcome of last year’s award-winning BYOME (Build Your Own Modular Effect) breakthrough by combining state-of-the-art processing, versatile modulation, and dozens of powerful effects with a limitless multi-band workflow as the world’s most advanced multi-band processing plugin — as of June 10…

Some say that good things come in threes. TRIAD literally lives up to that saying — in name and nature. Why? Well, with an ability to split an audio signal into three bands and apply BYOME effects — themselves tapping into Unfiltered Audio’s abundant MOD (modulation) control choices via virtual cables (conceptually similar to establishing all the connections between the separate modules on a modular synth system with patch cables to generate tones and sound effects) — to each band individually, this three-pronged approach to multi-band processing par excellence easily has what it takes to stand out from the sound of the crowd.

TRIAD truly advances the phenomenal possibilities of its single-band BYOME predecessor by bringing a new level of control to the myriad of onboard effects. Essentially, then, it is a three-band frequency splitter capable of processing the LOW, MID, and HIGH frequency bands with different effect rows, consisting of 40 effect cells arranged into eight categories; each effect cell can be expanded and added to. These range from multi-band compression to frequency-dependent reverb, complex distortions to intricate delays, plus pitch shifting and an array of modulation-based effects — all of this and much more besides are a breeze to set up and control.

Readily refrain from using any of the effects — easier said than done, admittedly — and TRIAD can be used as a ‘flat-sum’ frequency splitter with adjustable cutoff points, guided by a first-rate FFS (Fast Fourier Transform) visualiser that displays the signal and allows for precise control over the band amplitudes and cutoffs on the fly. Furthermore, the DYNAMIC SPECTRAL SNAP feature allows automatic frequency cutoff balancing — an industry first, while well-crafted tools like Auto Cutoff and Unity Gain will keep the frequency distribution balanced between the bands, or even adjust the amplitude ratio without any overall volume change. Critical listening required? Simply solo or mute any of the individual bands with one click.

Changing the frequency splitting into a number of other multi-band processors — namely, 2-Band, 3x Parallel, 2x Parallel, Mid-Side, and Left-Right — maximises effect routing possibilities. Many modes have a flexible Pre/Post row that can quickly swap positions from the start of the chain to the end, turning the tables on patches for facilitating speedy sound design workflows. With that thought in mind, TRIAD features a unique Permutation engine that rotates the function of each active band. Put it this way: what, for instance, if a user had an amazing delay set up on the MID frequency band, but would rather hear it instead applied to the HIGH frequency band? Then their wish becomes TRIAD’s command by clicking on the Permutation arrows to hear it exactly as they wanted — without destroying the rest of their preset.

Presets fit for Unfiltered Audio’s latest and greatest creation have been carefully crafted by acclaimed artists and world-class sound designers to showcase its individualistic capabilities, covering functional frequency splitting to putting it through its innovative paces as the most advanced multi-band processing plugin around.

Whatever way anyone chooses to use TRIAD, variable slope allows them to change from smooth band transitions to razor sharp cut-offs (12dB to 72dB per octave). And since most DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) include individual low/mid/high band outputs, TRIAD can even be used as a fully-routable splitter for use with any other plugin!

TRIAD takes Unfiltered Audio’s Build Your Own Modular Effect technology to new heights, combining state-of-the-art processing, versatile modulation, dozens of powerful effects, and a limitless multi-band workflow with all the power of BYONE — but now in three dimensions. Discerning sound designers and artists alike should seriously consider checking out TRIAD today, travelling to sonic vistas that they have hitherto heard only in their dreams.

Dreams have long since become reality for one of Belgium’s longest-standing techno artists and producers; progressing to become something of a tastemaker in today’s far-reaching world of techno, Tom Hades has already embarked on his TRIAD travels and likes what he has heard: “I really like the way you can create variations and modulations over the spectrum.”

Unfiltered Audio’s TRIAD is available for purchase — as an AAX Native-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting audio effect processing plugin for MacOS (10.9 through 10.14) and Windows (7 through 10) — exclusively from distribution partner Plugin Alliance for an introductory price of $149.00 USD until June 24, rising to $299.00 USD thereafter — from here: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en products/unfiltered_audio_triad.html

From June 8 onwards, a fully-functional, 14-day trial is available to anyone registering for a free Plugin Alliance account here: http://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/registration.html

Note that the proprietary Plugin Alliance Installation Manager means users can select, download, and install only the products and formats needed for their system.

For more in-depth information, including several superb-sounding audio demos, please visit Plugin Alliance’s dedicated TRIAD webpage here: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/unfiltered_audio_triad.html

Watch a video overview of Unfiltered Audio’s awe-inspiring TRIAD here: https://youtu.be/rPVBGrs93oc

Watch a video walkthrough of Unfiltered Audio’s awe-inspiring TRIAD here: https://youtu.be/EO1emV2O7AM

Watch the trailer video for Unfiltered Audio’s awe-inspiring TRIAD here: https://youtu.be/l7KK9IvMMSI

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About Unfiltered Audio (www.unfilteredaudio.com)

Unfiltered Audio is a creative audio effects company based in Santa Barbara, California, creating AU (AudioUnit) and VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins, plus Rack Extensions… from academia with love.

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