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Build some serious recording studio chops in this exclusive in-studio, hands-on session.


Producer/engineer Mark Hornsby welcomes critically acclaimed blues guitarist Davy Knowles to Studio A for this very special 3-day class. Come to Sweetwater and learn new techniques and plenty of pro tips during this hands-on, live recording session featuring critically acclaimed blues guitarist Davy Knowles. Working alongside Mark, you’ll go through the entire process, from setup to final tweaks. This class is just what you need to take your own projects to a whole new level.

Class Overview

Learn Pro Recording Techniques

  • Setting up a tracking session
  • Dialing in sounds on guitars, bass, drums, keys, and vocals
  • Tracking session with Mark, Davy, and his band
  • Special meet-and-greet dinner with Mark, Davy, and the band

Recording Overdubs and Editing Tracks

  • Overdubbing guitars, vocals, multiple takes, and more
  • Comping tracks: how to choose the best takes
  • Editing tracks with Pro Tools and third-party plug-ins

Mixing Tracks

  • Learning the best use of compression, EQ, and effects
  • Fine-tuning guitars, bass, drums, keys, and vocal tracks
  • Employing automation
  • Getting the most out of bus compression/processing
  • Making the final tweaks: how to decide when the mix is done

January 29–31 | 9AM–6PM at Sweetwater, Fort Wayne, IN

$1195 per person – Includes dinner with Mark and Davy, lodging, lunches, and certificate



By email studio@sweetwater.com or call (800) 386-6434

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