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For musicians with unbridled creativity, being stuck in the same room for a long time can be an advantage, especially if they are in a room with Sonarworks Reference 4 studio calibration software.

Most professional music makers and educators are used to working in a recording studio environment. But, when it comes making music in self-isolation, or instructing students remotely, the most important issue will be accurate monitoring.

With studio monitors, this means an at-home setup will need to account for acoustical factors, including:

  • first-reflection (SBIR) problems;
  • room symmetry; and
  • high-frequency reflections.

Whether working with monitors or a pair of your favorite headphones, the software included in the Reference 4 Headphone and Studio editions give creators calibrated sound in any location, as well as improved mix translation, so that studio engineers and music creators can trust what they are hearing both on studio monitors and in their headphones — even while working from home.

For a more in-depth look at how a professional producer, engineer and mixer has continued making music at home, see Adam Kagan’s latest post to the Sonarworks blog, “Making Music In Quarantine.”

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