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Hit’n’Mix Ltd, the pioneering, award-winning audio software manufacturer is pleased to announce their new affordable, industry-leading source separation, sampling and song creation app – RipX: DeepRemix.

To celebrate, Hit’n’Mix are offering 30% off until the end of May 2021!

Ever dreamt of reworking your MP3s and audio files? Are you a music lover or DJ needing stems for your online streams, club sets, karaoke or house parties? For only $69/£55/€60 until the end of May, DeepRemix is a truely game-changing app, that enables you to rip and split your music into vocals, bass, drums and other layers. DeepRemix even provides the tools to manipulate these the way you want. No previous music production knowledge needed!

DeepRemix uses AI isolation algorithms and a deep-ripping process to automatically deconstruct any song – a process that would normally take a team of studio engineers and dedicated equipment to accomplish.

Mix and match layers, apply effects, change tempo and key, all in no time at all! An essential app for  those into the art of music production, and for all kinds of DJs, musicians, students and educators.

Martin Dawe, Hit’n’Mix CEO and the creator of RipX: DeepRemix comments:

So many of us want to be able to use samples to make music but may find it difficult translating ideas into existing audio software or hardware, or find it prohibitively expensive. DeepRemix is a new module in our RipX Future Audio Platform, which uniquely works with Rips rather than waveforms.

RipX: DeepRemix makes it possible to

  • Compose, sample and share new versions or stems of your MP3s and audio files.
  • Extract vocals from full songs to use over different backing tracks.
  • Extract backing tracks and mute parts to play or sing over.
  • Experiment with and randomise new tempos, effects, pitches, keys/scales, time-stretching plus create new loops in real-time.
  • Re-balance and make volume, panning and EQ adjustments.
  • View and edit audio as beautifully presented, colour-coded notes, allowing different layers such as voice and bass to be quickly identified.
  • Import your own background images for personalised inspiration.
  • Customise your ripping options based on your available machine power – RipX can even harness the power inside many NVIDIA graphics cards with CUDA capabilities!

What’s more, you can add-on the professional DeepAudio module for even greater power, precision and flexibility. For an additional $250/£220/€254, you get Audioshop (with tools such as Unpitched Editor, Harmonic Editor, Clone, Draw Audio, Draw Pitch), RipScripts (for creating your own tools), VST/ARA and AAX plug-ins.

Martin Dawe concludes:

We are hoping that DeepRemix will prove irresistible to DJs, producers, bedroom remixers and karaoke singers. I am also excited that there might be interest from a far greater audience, including students, teachers, musicians and vocalists needing to learn, practice or play parts. RipX: DeepRemix’s practical applications and hidden depths really are endless and after nearly 20 years of R&D, we’re incredibly proud to be able to offer the highest-quality audio source separation around. It really has to be seen and heard to be believed – download a free trial from our site!

More info can be found at https://hitnmix.com

New to Hit’n’Mix? Watch our quick videos: https://hitnmix.com/videos

What top artists are saying about RipX: DeepRemix

It’s an ingenious system!

Tony Colman – Music Producer, DJ & Label Owner(London Elektricity & Hospital Records)

I ran a vocal stem through it for a remix I’m working on. The original stem had so much bleed/spill from the rest of the band, but running it thru RipX: DeepRemix eliminated the spill. That’s totally amazing and a use case I can see being my go-to for that kind of situation.

Mark de Clive-Lowe – Musician, Music Producer & Remixer (Harvey Mason, Kenny Dope, Nubya Garcia, Omar, Bugz in the Attic).

Trials, Downloads and Purchasing  

A 5-day free trial license for DeepRemix can be obtained from https://hitnmix.com/download_deepremix. Full licenses can be purchased from Hit’n’Mix‘s resellers or on-line via https://hitnmix.com/buy.

Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RipX: DeepRemix is:                

$99                        for North America and the rest of the world

£79 inc VAT         for UK

€85 inc VAT         for EU


Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RipX: DeepAudio is:                

$349                        for North America and the rest of the world

£299 inc VAT        for UK         

€339 inc VAT        for EU

DeepRemix to DeepAudio Upgrade Price (available via hitnmix.com ONLY) is:                

$250                       for North America and the rest of the world                

£220 inc VAT        for UK

€254 inc VAT       for EU

Recommended Launch Sale Price of RipX: DeepRemix (until May 31st) is:                

$69                       for North America and the rest of the world

£55 inc VAT         for UK               

€59 inc VAT         for EU 

Recommended Launch Sale Price of RipX: DeepAudio (until May 31st) is:                

$244                      for North America and the rest of the world

£209 inc VAT        for UK                

€237 inc VAT        for EU

DeepRemix to DeepAudio Upgrade Launch Sale Price (available via hitnmix.com ONLY until May 31st) is:                

$175                      for North America and the rest of the world           

£154 inc VAT        for UK      

€178 inc VAT        for EU

(NOTE: Product pricing, features, specifications, system requirements, and availability are subject to change without notice.) 

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.10+ / Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • Minimum: 2 Core 2.5GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM
  • Recommended: 4+ Core CPU, 16+ GB RAM
  • 15GB Free disc space minimum requirement.
  • Windows Optional: NVIDIA GeForce 1070/1080/1080 Ti/2070/2080/2080 Ti/3070/3080/3090 with 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.0 installed (free download)

About Hit’n’Mix 

Hit’n’Mix Ltd develops and sells audio editing software RipX: DeepRemix and RipX: DeepAudio via a global dealer network and directly at https://hitnmix.com. Hit’n’Mix, DeepRemix, DeepAudio, AI Liberation, AI Empowerment, RipX, Future Audio Platform and Audioshop are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hit’n’Mix Ltd.


Jeremy Lloyd – Sales & Marketing Manager – +44 7554 443520 – jlloyd@hitnmix.com 

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