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Millennia Media is pleased to announce that its groundbreaking HV-3 mic preamp (shown above: the modern HV-3C version) has been inducted into the TECnology Hall Of Fame, joining a long list of other audio-related technology breakthroughs that have shaped modern recording. First introduced in 1992, the HV-3 was arguably the first “straight wire with gain” microphone preamplifier, offering a completely clean amplification without the heavy coloration common to preamps of the day. It has inspired an entire family of modern preamplifiers made by other companies while remaining relevant through constant updates and improvements.


The other TECnology Hall of Fame inductees for 2019 include: the anechoic audio test chamber (Leo Beranek, 1943); beyerdynamic M160 ribbon microphone (1957), Bell Labs’ electret microphone patent (1964), Robert Moog’s 1964 Modular Moog Synthesizer; iZ Technology’s RADAR (24-track disk recorder, 1991); Meyer Sound Labs Source Independent Measurement (SIM) system (1991); and the JBL Professional VerTec line array live sound system (2000).


To learn more about the list, including some quotes from TECnology Hall of Fame Director George Petersen, check out this short article in Forbes magazine.

To learn more about Millennia Media products, including several modern versions of the HV-3, check out the company’s website at mil-media.com.


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