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Riffhard, the brand new online guitar lesson platform created by acclaimed prog metal guitarist John Browne of Monuments, launches with revolutionary library of content devoted exclusively to rhythm guitar.

“Riffhard was created because I saw a gap in the guitar education market: nobody was focusing on rhythm guitar,” Browne explained. “And that didn’t make sense to me because as a professional guitarist myself, I know that we all spend 90% of our time playing rhythms – especially in metal where it’s all about the riff. So I decided to do something about that, and partnered with URM Academy to create a platform where I’ll be able to help metal guitarists all over the world become world-class rhythm players, no matter their skill level.”

See a sample lesson from Riffhard here: https://youtu.be/VKfTh2YKk1I



Riffhard has an expansive library of content covering everything metal guitarists need to know to transform their rhythm guitar skills: exclusive lessons on right hand techniques like picking and palm muting, left hand techniques like fretting and hammer ons; detailed tutorials on dialing in tone, choosing the right gear, and songwriting; livestreaming Q&A sessions with John, and a members-only online community and accountability group.

Members get instant access to all existing content, and more lessons, tutorials and livestreaming events are added every month.

Riffhard is open to students now at https://riffhard.com



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