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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – AUGUST 2020: TransAudio Group, U.S. distributor of the world’s best professional recording technology, is pleased to announce that Bettermaker from Poland has obtained a U.S. patent for its DAW plug-in control technology. “Bettermaker produces hardware compressors, limiters and equalizers whose pure analog signal path stands toe-to-toe with the most acclaimed manufacturers in the professional recording industry, both vintage and modern,” explained Brad Lunde, president, TransAudio Group. “But what puts Bettermaker in a class by itself is its instant-recall and automation technology. Users can control Bettermaker hardware from plug-ins that work with all the major DAWs currently in operation. And that innovative control technology pioneered by Bettermaker founder Marek Walaszek is now patented!”

Users can use the Bettermaker plug-in for session recall, real analog A/B comparisons, real-time parameter control and automation. The sophisticated digital control remains politely apart from the actual audio signal path, which is pure analog. Users can also benefit from Bettermaker’s control technology by instantly recalling parameter sets or A/B-ing different parameter sets from the unit’s front panel. Additional Bettermaker patents are pending.


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