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Spaced Out Textures On Demand

BABY Audio have released a new free plugin called Magic Dice.

Magic Dice is the successor to BABY Audio’s popular Magic Switch freebie (which has over 100,000 downloads). It puts the entire sonic palette of their award-winning Spaced Out plugin into a simple one-button interface, allowing users to generate random, lush atmospheres at the click of a button.

The new freebie offers the same rich and modern reverb/delay/modulation sound as its big brother, just without the ability to tweak individual parameters.

Magic Dice generates entirely new wet-fx textures with every click and allows users to set the mix balance to taste. It will generate anything from hazy space echoes over lush reverbs to alien-sounding modulation effects. Sometimes all at once!

It is fair to say that the standard delays for each of those three bands already sound complex and expansive, but users can push the effect to the limit with Saturation, Bitcrush, and Detune effects that are also available for each band (hidden under the selection triangle), running completely independently of each other. Apply as much or as little of each process as needed to create different kinds of audio effect — think sparkling highs with saturated harmonics in the upper frequency range, detuned midrange delay for a wavering analogue feel in the body of the sound, screaming bass line with bit-crushed low end… (almost) anything is possible!

As a tried and trusted technique for adding space and width to delay adventures, the main delay’s helpful HAAS control can create a subtle stereo effect by shifting the timing offset of the left or right channel — creative delay processing like no other continues unabated.

Some say looks are everything. Exactly what is happening to each of the three bands as the audio passes through the MultiBender plugin comes courtesy of that good-looking GUI’s central window’s three coloured waveforms that clearly display the effect of each module’s processing for facilitating accurate monitoring and surgical shaping at every stage of the signal chain — clearly useful feedback for keeping tabs on transformations.

Keep rolling the dice until you find something you like. The combinations are endless and you’ll never hear the same result twice.

To learn more about the processing power in Magic Dice, head to the Spaced Out product page:



  • Randomly generates lush reverb/delay/modulation textures at the click of a button
  • Powered by BABY Audio’s award-winning Spaced Out plugin
  • Successor to the Magic Switch freebie*

* Magic Switch will still remain available for download on babyaud.io/freebies

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