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Apogee ONE For Mac

DECEMBER 2016: Apogee ONE For Mac

By Mike Metlay It’s always a pleasure reviewing Apogee gear—no matter what we throw at it, we always get top-quality audio in return, with the detail, clarity, and musicality that's inherent in the sources w... Read More...
AKG K872

NOVEMBER 2016: Ears On – AKG K872

By Mike Metlay In our March 2014 issue, Ears On covered several of AKG’s high-end studio phones, including the K812, a remarkable open-back design that offers impeccable detail and clarity of a sort rarely h... Read More...
Line 6 Helix and Relay G10

JULY 2016: Line 6 Helix and Relay G10

By Alex Hawley Line 6 is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. From 1996's AxSys digital modeling guitar amplifier, Line 6 soon expanded into pedalboards and stomp boxes with the POD amp modelers, as w... Read More...