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Grace Design FELiX

DECEMBER 2015: Grace Design FELiX

By Alex Hawley Grace Design is highly respected in the audio industry for its microphone preamps, converters, and monitoring solutions. I was first introduced to Grace while working with an m201 at a studi... Read More...
Eiosis AirEQ Premium

AUGUST 2015: Eiosis AirEQ Premium

By Paul Vnuk Jr. In this review, we will be looking at a unique new take on equalization from the mind of Fabrice Gabriel and his company Eiosis. Fabrice is one of the world's foremost plug-in designers a... Read More...
Eventide UltraReverb

JULY 2015: Eventide UltraReverb

By Paul Vnuk Jr. In the world of professional audio effects, Eventide sits squarely at the top. Its history of groundbreaking digital audio equipment stretches back decades to the original Instant Phaser in ... Read More...