Drums and Percussion—Mics, Drum Machines, and Virtual Drummers

Ad Space Reservation: November 11, 2018
Ad Materials Due: November 30, 2018


Tracking Vocals—Microphones and Processors

Show Distribution: Winter NAMM, Anaheim, CA
Ad Space Reservation: December 14, 2018
Ad Materials Due: January 4, 2018


Monitoring and Acoustics—Hear Here!

Show Distribution: SXSW, Austin, TX
Ad Space Reservation: January 17, 2019
Ad Material Due: February 1, 2019


The Recording/Performing Songwriter’s Essential Tools
Show Distribution: ASCAP Expo, Los Angeles, CA
Ad Space Reservation: February 14, 2019
Ad Material Due: March 1, 2019


Great Mics and Preamps—First Steps To Sonic Success

Ad Space Reservation: March 14, 2019
Ad Material Due: March 29, 2019


Touch The Music! Keyboards and Controllers In Your Studio

Ad Space Reservation: April 11, 2019
Ad Material Due: April 26, 2019

Recording Guitars—Acoustic and Electric, from Mics to Effects

Show Distribution: Summer NAMM, Nashville, TN
Ad Space Reservation: May 10, 2019
Ad Material Due: May 31, 2019


The DAW Issue—Software, Soundware, Plug-Ins, and Interfaces

Ad Space Reservation: June 13, 2019
Ad Material Due: June 28, 2019


Monitor, Mix, and Master—You Heard It Right!

Ad Space Reservation: July 11, 2019
Ad Material Due: July 26, 2019


Miking Instruments—Solutions For Everyone

Show Distribution: AES, New York, NY
Ad Space Reservation: August 9, 2019
Ad Material Due: August 30, 2019


Upgrade Your Studio! Cables, Room Treatment, Monitors, and Furniture

Show Distribution: TAXI Road Rally, Los Angeles, CA
Ad Space Reservation: September 12, 2019
Ad Material Due: September 27, 2019


Holiday Buyer’s Guide—Time To Get Great Gear

Ad Space Reservation: October 10, 2019
Ad Material Due: October 25, 2019