Neumann KH 80 DSP 160×600
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december 2017


December’s always an exciting month for us here at RECORDING—as the year winds down and the holiday gift-giving season approaches, it’s time for our Annual Buyer’s Guide! As always, our recommendations are based on real reviews, so you’ll know that the products we cover will bring the very best to your studio. READ NOW



There’s a little something for everyone in the Buyer’s Guide, with dozens of great audio products on offer. There’s hardware, software, and soundware galore, from makers like ART, Bittree, Cloud Microphones, Fluid Audio, GForce Software, Hooke Audio, Ingram Engineering, Pop Audio, Slate Digital, Tone2, u-he, and others.

But that’s not all—we also feature full-length reviews of keyboards from StudioLogic, Ultrasone’s latest line of pro headphone products, Line 6 Helix LT and Helix Native (free bonus – READ NOW), high-class headphone amplifiers from Hafler, the stunning Spitfire Audio Symphony Orchestra, PreSonus’ StudioLive AR12 mixer/interface, Output Substance virtual instrument, and more.

Kef America LS50 – 728×90


The Foo Fighters rocked the world with the release of their brand-new album Concrete And Gold. Paul Vnuk Jr. was lucky enough to interview Grammy-winning engineer Darrell Thorp on the mics, mixes, and making of this fantastic record, and you can read all about it in the December issue. READ NOW

Also in this issue: Aaron Trumm takes on a question that many recording engineers consider as they build out their studios: Is it worthwhile to build your own audio PC rather than buying one off the shelf… and how hard is it to do the job right? Aaron walks us through the process, helping us achieve better performance and save money in the process. READ NOW

Neumann TLM107 728×90


This issue also includes Part 2 of “Understanding The Audio Signal Path” with Bill Stunt, Readers’ Tracks with Marty Peters, our regular monthly columns, and much more! Round out the year with great ideas for new toys and techniques, thanks to the December RECORDING! READ NOW  Part 1   Part 2

Kef America 55 Years of British Engineering – 728×90